Family Law Mediation

There is a parallel between Collaborative Divorce and Family Law Mediation, in that both are facilitative processes conducted outside of the court. In Collaborative Divorce, the parties agree from the beginning of the dispute to attempt to avoid court. The parties are fully informed about the law and the consequences of various options, and their advocates facilitate the negotiations. In mediation, the mediator is a neutral third party who doesn’t represent either side. Family law mediation is offered in two difference process styles as described below.

Early Intervention Mediation

In early intervention mediation, we serve as mediator working directly with the parties to achieve mutually agreeable resolutions to all issues. The conferences are generally 1-1/2 to 2 hours each, and vary in number depending on the complexity of the estate and the issues involving minor children. Proposed resolutions are reviewed by attorneys for each spouse before being finalized with the court.

Pre-Hearing Mediation

In this process, parties and their attorneys come to our offices for a half day or full day conference (or multiple days if needed) seeking to achieve a resolution of their differences before going through the financial and emotional costs of a contested trial.

In both styles of mediation, we have experienced settlement rates of over 95% in the now more than 500 mediations we have conducted.

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