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Texas Family Law Information and Resources

A service of Bray, Chappell and Patterson, Inc. This library of reference material and related resources is provided to assist our clients better understand the issues of Family Law. The information provided should not be considered legal counsel or advice. Please consult your attorney.

How to Choose a Collaborative Divorce Professional

It is important that you choose the right law professional

The Divorce Process in Texas

Understanding the basic divorce process in Texas

Divorce Advice

Here is some advice when you start to feel it is time for a divorce

Common Law Marriage in Texas

Are you married without a ceremony? Understanding Formal vs. Informal Marriage

Property Division in Texas

Property Division is an important part of the divorce process. Here are keys to understanding it.

Annulments in Texas – Void and Voidable Marriages

A marriage may be void or voidable for these reasons

Alimony in Texas (spousal maintenance)

Alimony has come to Texas. Here are the facts about Spousal Maintenance

Visitation and the Standard Possession Order in Texas

The State of Texas now provides a recommended possession order for children. The statutory order is provided.

Texas Law and Parenting Plans

Explains what Parenting Plans are

Support Groups and Resources

Here is a list of divorce-related support groups and resources that you may find helpful.

New Texas Family Laws

Here is a list of divorce-related support groups and resources that you may find helpful.

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